About Us

REVEAL Global Health Research Institute is a South Sudanese Research Institute founded in 2020 by indigenous health professionals. This initiative was a result of the realization of the huge gap in health research evidence required to provide relevant health information on communicable and non-communicable disease burden, risk factors, and health disparities in the general population in South Sudan. REVEAL Global Health Institute conduct interdisciplinary global health research that transcends boundaries. We prioritize research in infectious diseases, maternal and child health, nutrition, environmental health, health systems and health services, health inequalities, and chronic diseases. Although we generate evidence for use by health workers and health policy makers in South Sudan, our research findings spans beyond health problems affecting South Sudan. In order to contribute to national human resource development for health research, we train and nurture health professionals in conduct of global health research. Our researchers come from a wide array of professions making REVEAL Global Health Research Institute the right environment for both junior and novice researchers.
To generate global health research evidence, increase its utilization for intervention development and train health researchers in South Sudan through: Conduct of sound, multi-disciplinary global health research. Research capacity building through training and mentoring junior researchers Advocacy for use of health research findings for intervention development
Through innovative and multidisciplinary health research, REVEAL Global Health Institute`s moonshot is to contribute towards building a better, people centered and responsive health system that contributes to improved health status of South Sudanese citizens, enabling them to live healthier, longer and economically productive lives.
-Rigor and scientific integrity -Excellence and result oriented -Collaboration and knowledge sharing -Respect and social commitment to communities we work-in -Strict adherence to research and medical ethics -Research equity
Contact us Tel: +211924600099 Mobile: +211924600099 E-mail: admin@revealresearchinstitute.org